Professional Blogging Tips That Make a Difference


Trying to understand how to maximize the potential of a platform such as WordPress? There are many intricate details involved with the platform that many users tend to not know at the start of their journey. With the assistance of important tips from the WordPress blogging guide, it becomes much easier to go down this road. Let’s take a glance at some of these tips and how they can assist one with their own blog.

Organize Library

Many beginners begin writing their blogs on WordPress without understanding the importance of the media library feature. One of the most important tips from our blogging guide come in regards to this aspect.

The media library should not be full of a host of different files that are disorganized. This can become a hassle to shuffle through and can waste a lot of precious time. It is smarter to combine all of the files into one folder.
How can one do this? It is easy, the best way to go about this is to click “Settings & Media”. After this, uncheck the “Organize my uploads…” button. This should ensure all of the files are integrated into one specific folder.

Permalink Cleaning

Another tip from the WordPress blogging guide is the reality of permalinks requiring cleaning. Search engines are an essential part of the process for new bloggers. If the blog does not rank on the major search engines (Google and Yahoo), the chances of seeing meaningful traffic is slim to none.

This is why it is important to have those permalinks cleaned. Try finding important keywords that prospective traffic might search for in search engines. A lot of new bloggers will start to stuff their links with these keywords and that defeats the purpose as its overkill. WordPress has a “permalink” field at the top of its page when content is being created and that makes things easier for the user.

Images Can Work

Go and look through some of the finest blogs on the web and all of them will have one thing in common. In some shape, way, or form they have images plastered all over them. Of course, these images are not random and have a purpose in engaging the reader and elaborating certain points.

This is why it is important to make sure images are added with the textual content that is posted up. By using the ‘title tag’ feature, one can even add words to these images after the mouse hovers over them.

Targeted Titles

The last tip revolves around the idea of targeted titles. WordPress enables users to add titles for their blogs and this means it is an essential component of the process. A lot new bloggers will not pay heed to this part of the process and end up seeing reduced numbers in traffic right off the bat. Targeted titles should appeal to the reader and make them want to click the blog’s link. This is another place where keywords can assist and help create that attraction.